What do we all know about Microdosing LSD?

Microdosing is a “productivity trick” that is well-known among business executives. LSD or magic mushrooms are regularly ingested in tiny amounts by microdosers. They report that while they don’t have mind-blowing, hallucinogenic experiences at these levels, they do feel an increase in creativity and focus, which can improve work performance, foster better relationships, and generally lessen the stress and demands of daily life. If its proponents are to be believed, Microdosing LSD offers the solution to a time when existential angst and digital diversions are the norm—a cup of coffee with a dash of Tony Robbins.  But up until now, it’s been impossible to distinguish between hype and reality. This is because microdoses haven’t been studied in placebo-controlled trials until lately. The first placebo-controlled microdose experiment was released toward the end of last year. The study found that LSD microdoses significantly affected respondents’ perceptions of time, enabling them to more precisely recreate elapsed periods of time. The study begins to piece together a persuasive picture of how LSD affects the brain’s perceptual and cognitive systems in a way that may promote more creativity and focus, even while it does not demonstrate that microdoses act as a novel cognitive enhancer. 

Working of Microdosing LSD:

Microdosing LSD

Taking LSD in little quantities that aren’t potent enough to produce psychedelic effects or dramatically alter consciousness is known as microdosing. A person typically consumes these little doses of psychedelics on a regular basis, such as once every predetermined number of hours or days over a lengthy period of time. The dosage is frequently between one-tenth and one-twentieth of a recreational dose. A 2019 research found that most users of psychedelics like LSD tend to adhere to one of three microdosing rules:

taking microdoses for two days in a row after two days in a row of nondosing taking microdoses just on weekdays and not on weekends

daily microdoses of medication

Most participants in the review microdosed psychedelics for periods of between a week and two years. The review also came to the conclusion that about half of the participants developed their own microdosing protocol.

It is significant to highlight that scientists have not yet determined if taking small amounts of LSD has any real health advantages. Researchers found that LSD had no effect on mental attention in one of the few recent trials that looked at microdosing the drug.

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